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i'M a WaLkInG cOnTrAdIcTiOn
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Graphic Designer for Youtube's Two Geeky Girls (…)

Skills: Traditional and Digital Art, Photography, Costumery, (attempting) Animation and Comic Strips.

I Loovveee Llama Badges :D Give me one and I'll return the favour ^_^ xx

This is where I upload my art, mainly consisting of my character development for my fantasy series, Werewolved: Unleashed. Need to get my ass back to writing it one day XD until then, there is always concept art!!! :3

Current Mood: Life is a partayy!! :D
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, Rock, Alternative, Glam Rock :3
Favourite style of art: MANGA, Anime, Doujinshi
Operating System: Windows 7 - I HATE VISTA!!! ¬_¬
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: TOOOOOO many to choose from >.<

Like an exotic beast, I only speak through DANCE

Winter is Coming <3

I wash my hands of this weirdness

I'm plotting your demise... with your own beard!

Thou shalt salute the V

Connoisseur of Blue Magics :3

Magnus Bane Sparklier than Edward since the 13th Century

No Diggory Vampires do not sparkle 20 points from Hufflepuff

Theres no need to clarify my snap the implication was clear in the snap itself


the north has henceforth traveled to the midlands and corrupted the south

oh wikipedia, how i salute thee!! ♥

Equivalent Exchange

Don't call me small! I'll break down your feet and stick them on your head!!!

May the little yellow boxes be with you!

*runs around chasing people with arms open wide*

Hell hath no fury like a Magnus scorned

Pulvis et Umbra Sumus

You are not trivial


#twogeekygirls is live! :3 will keep updating the Commissions folder as and when new cosplays and themes for Two Geeky Girls are released.
  • Mood: Longing
  • Listening to: Breaking Benjamin
  • Reading: Soulless 3
  • Watching: High School DxD
  • Drinking: soo much coffee!!!!
It has got to this point again...if you didnt grasp all the RE:'s already :P
Going through all my character concept art and doing a very needed revamp of a few *cough*Scarlet*cough* because I'm simply not happy with them :/

IMAGES HAVE BEEN UPDATED!! THEY IS NO LONGER FUZZYYY - may even digitize them if I'm in the mood to do it one day...
I took the liberty of writing up some notes for each character so you get the idea of what they are, like etc...
The images are a compilation of the characters from original design up to the lastest version uploaded - ENJOY!!

Digital animated werewolved creationnn :3 it is going to be epic!!!
What is yet to come... by vermilionchaos it is comingg!!!
IT HAS ARRIVVEDDDD by vermilionchaos it has arrivedd!!! :3

Other Animations:
Slow Kiss by vermilionchaos

Character Variety Meme :3 by vermilionchaos

#00 Werewolved Moments <3
Right Here Empty With You by vermilionchaos I Can't Live Without You by vermilionchaos I Don't Want Nobody Else by vermilionchaos Don't Let Me Go by vermilionchaos To Have Loved and Lost by vermilionchaos Good Morning by vermilionchaos Good Morning (colour) by vermilionchaos  Revisited: Scream and Shout by vermilionchaos Cover Your Eyes by vermilionchaos 

#01  Werewolved Transformation
Original = werewolf transformation by vermilionchaos Sketch Drop = werewolved full moon by vermilionchaos Latest Version = Werewolved - Transformation by vermilionchaos  
This demonstrates the bodily reconstruction of my werewolf Delta, "prince" or "pack pup" as he is also known, Dai, on the full moon. He is the only werewolf within Fang, the werewolf domicile located in South Eastern Gorneth, who transforms this way - due to undergoing experimentation by Lucullus, the werewolf Alpha. The tail, claw and darkening of hair and eyes develop through the "Wolved" process. The additional "Were" process involves the deconstruction of the feet and tibia and development of wolf-like lower legs. The spinal column and ribs expand to allow larger lungs to develop and muscle mass increases, including enhanced strength. This process is incredibly painful and Dai usually ends up sedated during most full moons. The next stage of the Were process is the progression of bodily deconstruction into the development of full wolf form.

#02  Human Dai
1st Attempt = Dai Redesign Mug Shot by vermilionchaos 2nd Attempt = re dai redesign mug shot by vermilionchaos Latest Version = Dai Human by vermilionchaos 
In normal form, Dai is not heavily muscled, but his slight form has more than enough strength, speed and stamina to put up an intimidating defense, if not offense. As Delta he is head strong, albeit a bit shy, and fiercely loyal once he knows you well enough. Dai saves Joe from the vampires, along with the werewolf packs Beta and Gamma, and befriended him quickly. The secret of how he became Delta, and the details of the experiment he was part of, is locked up tighter than the bees, in the pooh bear stories, keep their honey - fiercely!

#03  Wolved Dai
Original = Original Dai by vermilionchaos Latest Version = Dai Wolved by vermilionchaos
He may look all cute now, but if he hears you say that you'll regret it - this puppy bites! The Wolved process is a halfway stage between human and full were. It involves tail and claw development, the darkening of eyes and hair and the enhancement of muscle mass also begins. This transformation is relatively painless, but Dai is self conscious about the increase of muscle mass - more likely from the extra attention it brings, rather than the muscles themselves ;) He doesn't seem to mind Joe being around him when he's Wolved though...

#04  Human Joe
Original = Original Joe by vermilionchaos 2nd Attempt = Werewolved: Joe by vermilionchaos 3rd Attempt = Joe Redesign Mug Shot by vermilionchaos 4th Attempt = Joe Character Redesign 2 by vermilionchaos Latest Version = Joe Human by vermilionchaos Colour: = Joe (colour) by vermilionchaos 
Joe is a newly bitten werewolf, originating from Noth Village, having only been infected for a year or so. His flirtatious and arrogant nature have built up an impressive facade, disguising the inner turmoil resulting from betraying his two best friends on the night he was bitten. He is well known to be able to flirt his way out of unpleasant matter how awkward... Since Dai rescued him from the vampires, Joe has made an impression on him, much to the distain of Lucullus, but that is not stopping there friendship from blooming. Strangely, Joe is comfortable in his own skin around Dai and on one or two occasions, the facade has slipped and revealed the tortured soul beneath. However, Dai is not the only one with Joe on his mind...

#05  Wolved Joe
Original = Original Joe Transformed by vermilionchaos Latest Version = Joe Wolved by vermilionchaos 
This stage of the transformation is as extreme as it will go for Joe, along with the other werewolves, while they reside within Fang. The Wolved process is the same as #03, except Joe's muscle mass does not increase due to him already been heavily defined - he only increases in strength, although it doesn't stop him taking advantage of being able to go around topless...Dai doubts there is enough room in Fang on a full moon, for all the werewolves AND Joe's ego :P

#06  David
Original = Original David by vermilionchaos 2nd Attempt = Werewolved: David by vermilionchaos 3rd Attempt = David Vamped by vermilionchaos 4th Attempt = David Redesign Mug Shot by vermilionchaos Latest Version = David by vermilionchaos
David is the vampire prince of the Quoja cave systems and is betrothed to Scarlet. He found Joe lost in the caves a month or so before the werewolves rescued him and saved him from the vampires hunger - only to be imprisoned under orders of David's father, Lord Valdrek, leader of the vampire clan. David received the brunt of Joe's incessant-get-me-out-of-here-flirting...that isn't to say that he didn't give him any back ;P Their brief beginnings of friendship end...messily, when Joe is rescued by Dai, which results in David becoming obsessed with revenge and ransacked with grief.

#07  Lord Valdrek
Original = Original Lord Valdrek by vermilionchaos 2nd Attempt = valdrek by vermilionchaos Latest Version = Lord Valdrek by vermilionchaos  
The leader of the vampire clan and David's father. He despises werewolves and will undertake ANY extreme measures to gain an upper hand in the age long war. Lord Valdrek once had a wife, Lady Mishka, David's mother.

#08  Scarlet Flynn
Original = Original Scarlet by vermilionchaos 2nd Attempt = Werewolved: Scarlet by vermilionchaos 3rd Attempt = Scarlet Redesign Mug Shot by vermilionchaos Latest Version = Scarlet by vermilionchaos 
David's betrothed. When she was human, she was the daughter of a wealthy land owner and had a sister called Ebony. She disdains the "Fleshy" (Joe) as David would not allow her to feed on him - an inquest which resulted in the sting of David's ring hand. There is more to Scarlet than meets the eye... *the plot thickens* :P

#09  Lucullus
Original = Original Lucullus by vermilionchaos 2nd Attempt = Lucullus by vermilionchaos Latest Version = Lucullus by vermilionchaos  
The werewolf Alpha. It is unknown how he became Alpha and why he chose Dai to be Delta when there are so many other werewolves stronger than him - regardless, Dai defends his position diligently in order to please his Alpha. It is well known that Lucullus delves into old magic, but the extent of his knowledge and use of these ancient arts are unknown.

#10  Bill and Max
Original Max = Original Max by vermilionchaos 2nd Attempt = Max Redesign Mug Shot by vermilionchaos  Latest Version = Max by vermilionchaos Colour = Max (Colour) by vermilionchaos
Original Bill = Original Bill by vermilionchaos Latest Version = Bill by vermilionchaos Colour = Bill (Colour) by vermilionchaos
Joe's human best friends. They both died the night Joe was bitten by a werewolf, however Noth Village, along with Bill and Max's parents, never knew what became of them...

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